Shapowei Museum — Xiamen, Fujian Province




公家機構, 餐飲, 室外

It has been said that Shapowei was the founding area for larger Xiamen back in the 17th Century. This once vibrant area was the center for cultivating of fishing culture in South-East China. Given the opportunity to redesign the facade for an existing building that will be renovated as the Shapowei Museum, we wish to express this fishing culture historical identity through architectural means. Taking the remaining parts of wood from the original fishing boats from the Shapowei area as the fenestration as well as colour features on the lower part of the building, gives rise to reminding a sense of belonging through the material expression. The upper part of the facade makes use of an undulating metal wire mesh not only as a tribute to the traditional fishing net they used for fishing, but also the overall formal expression as wave of the ocean as the museum sitting right in front of.