Glow Appearance & Serene Fun — New Taipei

My Role in the Project:

Residential space

Project Type:

Residential, Interior(All types)

The sleek, elegant modern silhouette sometimes emanates the romantic and timeless Zen appeal of the East. Besides the meticulously composed cultural content, the presentation of the form is also the embodiment of contemporary craftsmanship and a poetic lifestyle. The open public area is designed as an L-shaped extension connecting the dining room, living room and study, each exuberating its unique character but portraying a harmonious, enchanting ambiance at the same time. The minimalistic space is delicately balanced with undulating, continual surface designs, where we applied the splash ink pattern of natural stones onto several mediums to unleash the rampant, proliferating venation. The conspicuous grey black hues are to be treated with respect, while the hardware are all painstakingly framed, jointed and smoothed out to neutralize the weightiness of the stone and motifs. Turn around, and one will be greeted with unequalled lightness and refinement. The light shining through the windows of the living room, the joy of gastronomic satisfaction in the dining room perfectly complement the pleasant warmth of the study and tea area. As the light shines through the thin veil in front of the iron lattice window, millennia of cultural fragrance is projected onto the long wooden table. The curvaceous driftwood suspends from the ceiling with a steaming iron kettle at its tip, permeating the air with the refreshing yet indistinct fragrance of tea, thereby charging the serene space with immense energy.

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