Mirror! Mirror! 魔鏡 — New Taipei

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Retail, Office, Interior(All types)

女孩為什麼要作醫美﹖期待變成公主,找到心目中的白馬王子? 我們要給女孩一個「夢」,這個夢境將引領女孩經歷一場奇幻的空間冒險。走進主廳,橢圓形的空間,採用鏡面板,中心是虛幻的玻璃鞋與南瓜馬車。皇后在黑色華麗的新產品發佈室,催促著女孩吃下毒蘋果。星星水晶燈懸掛在純手工繪製的壁畫天花板上, “魔鏡,魔鏡,世界上誰最美麗﹖” 玻璃牆上的魔鏡告訴女孩:走進鏡中的世界,女孩將會成為那最美麗的女孩… Why do girls seek beauty? Is it to become a princess and find their prince charming? Here we provide girls with a dream, and take them on a magical journey. Entering the main hall, the space is round and covered in mirrors with a glass slipper and pumpkin carriage in the center. Beauty products are displayed throughout, enticing as a certain queen once did with a poison apple. The hallway is embellished with a hand painted forest mural in combination with hanging sparkling star shaped lights. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Taking the step through the magic mirror will begin her journey of becoming the coveted selection of the mirror.

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