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本案希望與未來的業主產生互動與連結﹐我們設計裝載生活與記憶的容器﹐也就是設計「虛」這件事﹐當屋主在虛的櫃體上填入物品﹐可能是一個像框﹑可能是一片磁盤﹐屋主的個性自然而然隨之而生﹐我們想像的容器由框架組成﹐由天花板降下來﹑從牆壁伸出來或由地板長上來﹐構成空間中的虛體。 陽光優雅的穿過生活容器的場域﹐同時考慮收納與裝飾﹐裝載鮮豔﹑精采的居家生活﹐也作為空間的界定功能﹐所以我們重新思考「家」是什麼?就是裝載生活的容器而已… We design this space in hopes that the future owner will interact and link their memories into the space. To utilize this concept, we hollow out any storage space and so as the future owner moves into an empty space and begins filling the cupboard with their items, it creates a link between them. As the house begins to fill up with the owner's things, the entire home comes to life. All cabinets extend from a wall, the floor, or ceiling; furthering the perception of built in space. As sunlight enters, it is able to pass through the entire room, accentuating the storage space and decoration into a grand focal point. Within one home lies numerous memories and personalities of the owner, thus reiterating how a home is the retainer of life.

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