Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains 富「村」山居

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Residential, Interior(All types)

本案基地在基隆市郊﹐建築物位於背山面水的區位﹐頗有中國水墨畫中的情境﹐設計概念取材自北宋黃公望所繪之富春山居圖﹐原為描繪富春江兩岸國泰民安生活富庶之景象﹐其為歷代君王及富商巨賈所追求收藏的名畫﹐歷史流轉的過程被燒成了2半﹐目前一半為人熟知者﹐被收藏在台灣的故宮為富春山居圖﹐另一半則收藏在江蘇的博物館﹐稱為剩山圖﹐我們重新演譯﹐請藝術家重新詮釋﹐將客廳畫上富春山居圖﹐餐廳則畫上剩山圖﹐將二個開放空間連成一氣﹐因著基隆的地靈人傑﹐我們給本案一個新的名字﹐富「村」山居。 The design for this villa, located in Keelung district, introduced a Chinese culture theme through the historical painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. We got in touch with a renowned painter to help recreate this national treasure along the walls of the living and dining room. To create an unity between the spaces, we asked the painter to paint half on the living room wall and the other half on the dining room wall. Therefore, when the two paintings are "joined" together, it creates a complete panorama to entice a comforting sense of inner peace. This approach not only livens up the space, but also as a showcase of a national treasure. By complimenting the painting with a Japanese Zen garden ceiling adds another artistic element to the design. A rotating glass screen acts as a divider between the two spaces which assist the air conditioning to reach the energy-savings requirements. The glass is etched with a personal totem design, as well as from the top to the bottom of the dividers are a total of five flower blossoms symbolizing a rich an honorable design.

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