After school我的補習時代 — New Taipei

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在華人的世界裡﹐補習是每個人在求學的過程中必須經歷的人生片段﹐在補習班生活的日子裡﹐有許多的回憶﹐坐在前座的女孩﹐夾雜汗水及吵雜噪音的教室﹐是我們對補習班的印象﹐在初次遇見本案時﹐我努力思考如何切入補習空間這個主題﹐頓時年少時的記憶一擁而上﹐最後我希望提供給所有的學生們一個如大學殿堂般的上課空間﹐讓大家有一個鮮活的記憶﹐有關「我的補習時代」。 While designing this project, it reminds me the memory of after school when I was young. That is, most of people in Chinese world experience their after school while they are students. During the time, there are some common memories for us such as girls sitting at front, hearing noise and smelling sweat in the classroom. However, I think to providing a learning space just like college campus would support students creating a more colorful memory of their after school.

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