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城市發展越發集中,人口密度過高,建築物持續垂直發展,垂直化立體社區已經是不可逆的現象,為了滿足過小的生活空間,平面型式的運動型態已是一種奢侈的享受,。 本案提出垂直運動的概念,建築立面規劃運動通道,在這建築的立面上可進行滑板﹑跑步﹑自行車﹑直排輪等運動,直通家門口,垂直運動宅兼具永續建築思考,平面花園也垂直立體化,產生鄰居間的不期而遇,自然地產生情感的聯繫,’都會時尚運動宅’於焉產生。 本案位於台北市是一座市場與住宅共構的建築物1﹑2層作為市場用途3層以上作為小坪數的都會住宅。 Urban development is progressing at a high rate, and with it comes an increase in population. Hence, the necessity to build upwards becomes more important than ever. With limited space, it is extremely difficult to accommodate exercise facilities to the already minimal living area. This architectural project revolves around the concept of exercise. Paths from floor to floor were designed on the outside of the architecture where those who lived there could skateboard, run, and bike around the outer area of the building. Furthermore, the addition of gardening per floor will allow neighbors the opportunity to coincide with each other. This structure will act as both living and shopping spaces. The first two floors will be dedicated to marketing, and everything above serves as housing.

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