Yin Yang 太極 — Taoyuan

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Residential, Interior(All types)

玄關﹐原木點綴潔白明亮的生活空間﹔電視牆﹐黑色包著白色象徵男生包容女生﹔壁爐﹐白色包著黑色象徵女生包容男生﹔客廳﹐鏡面裝飾﹐弱化柱體的存在感﹐縫合客廳與studio的大片景觀﹔從studio望向客廳一面黑一面白的櫃體﹐界定出不同屬性的空間機能﹔餐廳﹐壁櫃一黑一白﹐座椅一白一黑展現太極平衡的意向。 通往臥房的走道﹐營造cozy的氛圍﹐走道盡頭以中式風格的畫作點綴優雅的生活質感﹔主臥室﹐擁有一大片的景觀﹐一望無紀﹐靜謐﹑溫暖﹑並且安靜。 Following the concept of Yin Yang, the entrance foyer is finished with white wood which brightens up the entire space. The black TV wall encompassing the white symbolizing the male holding the female. The fireplace, on the other hand, is a reflection to the TV wall which symbolizes the female holding the male. By utilizing the mirror lens wall in the living room with the contrast of white and black, it weakens the dividing presence between the living room and studio connecting them into one big landscape. From the studio view of the living room, the alternating sides of black and white cabinet not only serve as a separation, but also utilize the space for a different function. Lastly, the use of contrasting black and white in the dining room through the chairs and wall, like yin yang, provides a sense of equilibrium. At the end of the bedroom corridor, we embellish it with Chinese-style paintings to signify the elegance of life. Upon entering the master bedroom, there is an endless landscape view bringing peace and quiet into the bedroom.

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