AECOM Guangzhou Head Office — Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

My Role in the Project:

Project Director - Design & Build

Project Type:

Office, Interior(All types)

2011 USGBC LEED Silver certified 2011 AIA Hong Kong Merit Award The AECOM Guangzhou Office was planned and designed with the idea of achieving a green office, conveying to others that sustainability, green and productive workplace can be integrated into the corporate culture. The initial idea of the design was to create an open office plan to promote idea exchange between staff, allowing public discussions and transparency which reflects the working and management style of the office. A number of special features were incorporated according to the LEED guidelines in the overall design, from initial spatial planning down to material use and construction details. The overall plan was divided into special zones which allowed smart control of indoor environment. Natural daylight was maximized to reduce the use of artificial lights. Energy efficient furniture and fixtures were strictly adhered within the plans, and construction ensured low-volatile organic compound for paints and finishes. The whole office adapted an open ceiling design, which offered a more comfortable ceiling room as well as reduced material use in construction.

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