Century Link — Hong Kong

My Role in the Project:

Concept Design, Interior Design, Design & Build

Project Type:

Residential, Interior(All types)

A typical 3 bedroom Hong Kong apartment development which includes 2 small bedrooms and a master bedroom is critiqued and de-constructed to provide a layout which caters to the spatial experience of living in a larger space as opposed to retaining a layout which enforces a feeling a smallness and in which the tallying of rooms supersedes their functionality and experience. All partitions are removed including the kitchen and excluding the bathrooms save for a load bearing wall which divides the unit into two halves. The load bearing wall also consequentially defines the two areas of the layout into a public area (kitchen, living, dining, office) and private (master bedroom). The contrasting experience of removing so many physical and visual barriers is one in which although the quantitative area of the space has not changed the qualitative experience is one of a larger apartment both visually as barriers are opened up and physically as the movement through the apartment is less impeded and more spacious. The layout also takes advantage of the ocean view towards Kai Tak Airport and arranges the dining and living along what is now an extended view. Storage was also an important aspect and with no partitions we are able to construct efficient linear storages of full height and still maintain a sense of spaciousness.

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