Light Fence — Taoyuan


Sales service center


景觀, 室內, 室外

With the parallel media of the glass structure, the design focuses on the transparency, light, and strength of the profile. By connecting continuous upper gray and white irregular squares, a dynamic and vivid ceiling line is defined. The indoor space is inspired by an “oriental yard,” and, combined with innovative materials, the beauty of modern culture is presented. The reception desk uses large-span granite to highlight the stylish blackness, and the grey color at the back extends to both the right and left sides to demonstrate spaciousness. By the gate, the two sides are planned as the reception area. Inside the big glass structure, there is a wooden fence that considers both the direction of sunrays from the west and visual transparency. The wooden wall at a height over nine meters is incorporated to separate the reception area. Iron parts are used as the edge of the wooden wall that showcase big structure and fine craft. At the site, various hanging metal lamps and installation artworks attract the eye of visitors. The washroom uses hidden space but is equipped with special decoration. The black wall uses embossed leather. Shiny metal clouds and sky reflect each other. The sink consists of various pieces of stone squares that incorporate small and big mirrors supported by iron parts, a piece of life artwork. The whole project makes use of low-profile materials to present oriental contents and sculpt grand luxury to set the trend for innovative aesthetics.


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