Pyay Road Mixed-use Development — Yangon, Yangon Division

My Role in the Project:

Project Type:

Retail, Office, Food & Beverage

The proposed development is located at the intersection of Pyay Road and Ahlone Road of Yangon City, Myanmar. The site is right across the Yangon Region Parliament with direct sight line to the Shwedagon Pagoda. There will be parking on site with automated parking system with access from Ahlon Road. The design started with a simple block of programs that house all the necessary commercial functions in the most efficient way and maximized the floor area. Facade was being pushed in and pulled out to create cascade of balconies that able to view directly to Shwedagon Pagoda and increase the commercial values for each different floors. The horizontality of the facade and cascaded balconies was inspired by the temple architecture. The band that divided each floor mimic the Shwedagon Pagoda's architectural design that each ring represented different symbolic meaning from Buddhism culture. The design of the tower has a similar gesture that each different program can be tided and separated by these ring features while the function can be revealed to the exterior.

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