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Office, Furniture, Interior(All types)

An office renovation and rebranding project for a 20-year-old local construction company. While their current office presents a typical pragmatic approach on working space in Hong Kong, we wish to inject a sense of newness and uniqueness that distinguish them from their peers through materiality and colours. The spatial organisation is simple and functional. One of the entrance doors leads to the bulk storage area, while the other, led by the company-blue painted glass doorway, enters into the reception area. Accompanying the reception is the dusty pink 'pavilion' that houses waiting area, meeting and conference rooms for guests and visitors. Slightly shielded off by the tinted glass from the visitor area is the main office space which is then softly divided into general and human resources departments by a central blue wood cabinet along the main entrance axis. Although the departments are separated due to operational requirement, the location of common pantry and copier machine, not to mention the large opening of the central cabinet, are communal nodes that bring the staffs together through causal basis. The directors' rooms are situated along the windows and partitioned by translucent glazings in order to maximize daylight filtering in the general office space. Adopting the company's blue colour as main feature tone on the back-painted glass and dyed wood veneer along the central axis, while the dusty pink painted 'pavilion' features the visitor area. Strips of full height cabinets of anodized aluminium finishes topped with circular bronze handles are lined along the long walls of the office. Long ceiling stripes and linear lighting tubes connect and complete the 3 originally separated areas, reception, general and HR departments, as a whole. 此項目是為一家本地工程公司進行辦公室裝修及品牌改造的室內及平面設計提案。 就如一般香港的辦公室,他們公司都追求典型的務實作風,需要完美地運用每一寸空間。而在新的設計上,我們希望利用獨特及個性的顏色和物料,為空間注入新穎的氣息,讓平凡的辦公室更顯其公司的風格。 辦公室的空間設計簡單而實用。其中一道藍色玻璃大門為辦公室的主入口,由代表公司的藍色引領賓客進入接待區;另一道大門則通往儲貨室。接待處旁的粉紅色區域是專為賓客而設的等候區及各個會議室,柔和的粉紅色予人一種溫暖又莊重的感覺。主要的辦公空間以茶色玻璃分隔開來,並以中央的藍色木櫃輕輕劃分為主要部門及人力資源部門。 雖然各部門因工作需要而被分隔開,但茶水間、影印空間及中央藍木櫃的使用則自然地令員工分享公用空間。主管的房間置於窗邊,並以半透明玻璃分隔,盡量將最多的日光滲透於整個辦公空間內。 設計的主色調採用公司主色—藍色,無論是玻璃或中央的木櫃都可以尋到藍色的蹤影;而訪客區則選用了恰恰相反的顏色—粉紅色,為空間添上和暖感。 一排以圓形黃銅手柄為特色的鋁面全身櫃,整齊地沿著辦公室的牆壁排列加添一點玩味及新潮感。天花板用黑色長條鋁條及光管的組合覆蓋了三個本分隔開的區域,一脈相承地把接待處、主要部門和人力資源部門連繫起來。

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