Champs.Liyuan — Taoyuan

My Role in the Project:

Sales service center

Project Type:

Landscape, Interior(All types), Exterior(All types)

Introduction: The modern condo is composed of various units. Therefore, in order to promote cohesion and attract neighbors with similar financial, history, and aesthetics, not only has the developer put effort into the location, appearance, buildings material and technique of the building but also invested in the common elements to create a high-end market. This is a space not influenced by the economic cycle through its exquisite products, added value of artistic and leisure. Design Concept: The artistic attributes such as luxury, warmth, exquisiteness, magnificence, is how we define common elements. The space is added with multiple kinds of marble, minute surfaces, characteristic bricks, natural veneer and other composite media, all mixed according to the different temperaments and atmosphere of different spaces, annotating the glamour and charm of modern fashion.

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