Culture Retail, Studio, and Residential — Lawrence, Kansas

My Role in the Project:

Student Interior Designer

Year of project completion:


Project Type:

Retail, Residential, Office

Culture was my 2010 Thesis Project. Concept: Find Yourself. Culture is a multi-level fashion retail store. While the first two floors are dedicated to the retail space, the top floor houses the studio apartments for the student interns/designers. The relationship between the designers and the retail space is the framework for the interior design. The vision of Culture is driven by the idea of the designer and his/her workspace, the studio. The studio environment emphasizes self expression as part of a bigger, cultural whole. Each designer brings forth ideas influenced by a larger cultural context. The space communicates the creative process by means of representing "a work in progress". This "work in progress" is achieved through subtle hints of pattern, texture, and color, used to create a bold statement of inspiration and identity in an otherwise raw space. Therefore, the space communicates the journey to refinement through unique solutions, in much the same way a pair of jeans can look refined with the right jacket and unique with wear. Walking into the space you should feel inspired to find yourself in the visual array of Culture.

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