Woodish Living Room and Bohemian Dining Room — Iaşi

My Role in the Project:

Interior designer, Furniture designer, Implementation supervisor

Project size:

400 squere feet

Overall project budget:

15000 USD

Year of project completion:


Project Type:

Residential, Furniture, Interior(All types)

The interior describes a spacious living room with a simple color scheme that displays clean white and gray dominant tints , yellow accents and warm textured wood items of various types such as Walnut and Sycamore, both in tone with excising items and in contrast with the dark wenge flooring. The two shades of gray used for the wall finishes, along with the dark colors of the parquet, tend to create a masculine atmosphere, thus our decision to integrate wood textured items came as a natural response to brighten the overall feeling of the space. An Ash wood paneling covers the wall behind the couch, creating a warm welcoming atmosphere and a Walnut freestanding bench, that also conceals the heater in a very elegant manner, strengthens the social characteristics of the living room by creating new areas for sitting and enjoying the conversations. The Pendant Lamp was chosen for its golden brass material, also found in the existing decorative lamp next to the TV. The workspace area is very minimal consisting of a desk, two small shelves for books and a chair. Made from burned Oak wood, and placed on two storage units that hold it in place the countertop of the desk is truly an elegant piece that stands out in the room with its elusive shine and dark tones. We designed a special bookcase for this project so that it could somehow integrate the large dog cage that our client uses for his dog. By making this large peculiar object blend with the surrounding furniture pieces, it no longer seems so big and out of place in the livingroom.

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