Shabby Chic Cozy Home Redesign — Oxford, England

My Role in the Project:

Interior designer

Project size:


Overall project budget:

40000 USD

Year of project completion:


Project Type:

Residential, Interior(All types), Renderings

What a better way to design a warm, peaceful, welcoming atmosphere in a home, than to open its core functions on the ground floor? My clients desire to create relevant connections between essential functions as well as the idea of integrating new areas, was something that inspired us a lot. I enjoy the process of designing meaningful spaces that people will love and even grow found of in the long run. In keeping close to the clients briefing, a style mixing shabby chic designs with transitional forms of expression and mid-century accents, was our way of achieving the desired impression uppon entering the house and experiencing the space. The new distribution of areas, as we have envisioned, was my way of creating order and a sense of playfulness in a space with great potential, that was previously neglected.

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