The Guild, Singapore — Singapore

My Role in the Project:

Interior Designer

Project size:

170 sqm

Overall project budget:


Year of project completion:


Project Type:

Food & Beverage, Interior(All types), Renderings

The Guild is OFFICINA's breakthrough project. Located in the heart of Singapore on Keong Saik Road, The Guild is a restaurant by Hong Kong’s Young Master Brewery that focuses on homemade comfort food using locally sourced produce with 20 taps of craft beer from around the globe. Young Master envisages a restaurant that pays homage to the historic shophouse design and Singapore’s rich colonial history. OFFICINA listened closely to Young Master's ideas for branding and ambiance. Along with the project's historic context, this led to a design that is contemporary, but enriched with colonial and vernacular motifs. The premise is two historic shop houses combined into a single space. To unify it, OFFICINA designed a circular bar in middle as the design's focal point,with everything circulating around it. The bar also integrates the three existing columns, providing the illusion of a column free space. Natural daylight floods into the dining spaces arrayed round the bar with warm, antique inspired lighting after sundown. Materials used were selected down to the essential to keep the design clean and elegant. An intricate herringbone wood floor is used throughout except for the feature floor around the bar. Here, Peranakan tile replicates the circulate geometry on the floor. This helps define the bar and also adds colour to the floor pattern. The walls are detailed with wood panel wainscotting, with a vibrant orange finish above. Decorate wood beams on the ceiling complete the design. The Guild is open May 2018.

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