Prelude Rhythm — Taoyuan

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Food & Beverage, Installation, Interior(All types)

This project was the public facility of a congregation housing, which was the reception lobby of the community. To present its quality and magnificence, marble, solid wood grating and metal components were selected for the main space. Abundant linear accents were integrated to create visual rhythmic performance, thus presenting its exquisite details and depth of field layers. Given that this building was located at the downtown area, images of old streets and landscapes were added into it. In order to fully introduce light and maintain the visual cleanliness of the community, the utilization of abundant wood gratings was the key factor. They not only serve multiple purposes such as pulling up visual elevation angles, defining the place flexibly, and introducing flow and visions, its high ceiling interface also deconstructs its continuity to satisfy the mutual features of lightness and stability at the same time. This enables the space to be filled with freely flowing light and shadow, thus presenting humanitarian and fashionable themes with the modern Japanese style. Originally, at the center of the lobby, there were two large pillars at its front and rear, which caused visual obstructions. Therefore, we boldly came up with the idea of creating a large light decoration resembling the infinite symbol of “∞” with the ceiling that holds the 2 pillars. By connecting floating objects with pillars, it serves not only as lighting and decoration art, but also provides legitimacy for the existence of these pillars. Also, we surrounded the pillars with thin stone plates according to the variation of their cross-section to create a circular installation that is 3-dimensional and twirls up rhythmically, making it the visual spotlight of the lobby at once. Finally, a marble collage was added at the pillars surrounding grounds while mounting them with corresponding fluid loop patterns to make the design consistent.

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