Model M Office — Hong Kong

My Role in the Project:

design concept and coordination with the constructor

Project size:

1100 sq.ft.

Overall project budget:

HKD 198000

Year of project completion:


Project Type:

Office, Renderings

Cozy and Loft style of Design. A quick project only used two weeks for design and half month of construction. The client loves this design very much; that's why we didn't need to revise it much: A office of a Model Agency, the area of 1500sq.ft., the 4200mm height of the ceiling, A 340sq.ft semi-open balcony for brainstorm and BBQ. The most exciting part was the floor tile, and wooded ship deck made furniture finishes. Yes, that was initiated from a ship. Many ships are too old, or for war use only, but there are many materials from its inside can be re-used, such as wood floor, iron, fabric, etc. We used these wooden deck into the coffee table top, sofa back, reception finishes and part of the wall and door finishes. Every material should have a second life, let them have the chance.

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