CAMLUX Hotel Cafe — Hong Kong

My Role in the Project:

Design concept only

Project size:

1826 sq.ft.

Overall project budget:

HKD 328680

Year of project completion:


Project Type:

Food & Beverage, Renderings

A hotel cafe in Hong Kong. The design concept comes from the public park. A public park seems like no design at all, but if you are sitting there and have a look at different people, you can see even a same chair, a different person will use a different way to use it. Surely the public park has many plants and lets people enjoy nature. But the core is the park interactive with citizens. So the layout seating is not the same to allow different people to use. Green, wood, and concrete make the public park. So the central design element is the same ideas. The design is mixed with rough wooden finishes, have the blue color high light because of the hotel logo color. The raw wood finishes create a natural mood. Also, these finishes come from the green certificated forest from the UK. We always talk about while we cut the tree, will affect the weather and the land will dry and become a desert. But in the green certificated forest, the owner will plant again after cutting the tree. Many suppliers in the UK are trying to use their hand to make a better place. That's why we always respect all the raw material supplier.

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